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The Nature Club, #1, GIRLS FROM THE WOODS

Christian Fiction Girls Clubs Middle Grade Ages 8 and Up GIRLS FROM THE WOODS L. L. Christenson Middle Grade Nature Story Middle Grades story about two girls nature club The Nature Club written and illustrated by L. L. Christenson - Lisa Loucks Christenson


Title: The Nature Club

Number: #1

Series: Girls from the Woods

Author: Lisa Loucks Christenson

Illustrator: Lisa Loucks Christenson

Publisher: Cross Creek Books™

Christian Fiction; Middle Grade; Ages: 8 and Up

Hardcover | 24.95

Cover: Coming Soon!


When Elle and Liza discover their shared passion for all things nature, they form a girls-only nature club. It’s the first of its kind at Braden Collier Elementary, maybe in all of Rochester, Minnesota. The boys at school are abuzz when they find out the girls are starting a nature club and furious when they aren't allowed to join. Girls Only!

More like girls only and a tag along brother. The boys agree on one thing: being rejected from Elle and Liza's new club is more embarrassing than having their moms show up at school conferences to protest the new uniform dress code––wearing their pajamas!

First, Liza doesn't return to school on Monday, and Elle is acting like something’s not right. Then, Elle doesn't show up Tuesday. If she's really deathly ill, like the teacher says, then why is she still doing her paper route? Something is going on in the girls’ clubhouse, but what? On Wednesday, Adam, the school principal’s son and Elle's half-brother don’t show, but Tippy and Jebbie saw him sneaking inside the clubhouse Tuesday night, and saw the light turn off––right before a dimmer light began flickering behind closed curtains. If he's hiding out in their clubhouse at night, why?

The boys gather their troupe and plot a covert mission to unveil the mystery in the clubhouse. When tragedy strikes, the boys spy mission comes to an owl-screeching halt.

Can the girls convince their rivals to keep their secret for just a little longer if they bend their rules and let the boys in on their secret?

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