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Lisa Loucks-Christenson Award-winning and #1 International Bestsellers

Lisa Loucks-Christenson writes non-fiction and has won several writing awards for her Christian, Inspirational, and children's books. Christenson's Story Preview Editions™, books, and work continue to hit #1 on the International Best Seller lists on Amazon, in various categories, and Christenson hopes this means there is a wider audience for stories like these. 

Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Winning Stories, and/or #1 Best Sellers (partial)

All We Could Dream

Narrow Paths

Model Maker

Moments in Time

Carousel Riders

Hawk of Wa Pu Ta Creek

Harley Hippo & the Crane Game 

Don't Eat Bees!

Dale Bernard in the New Year's Eve Octopus Bank Heist  English and Spanish Editions

Blue Brick, Red Brick: Shadow in the Law of Reflection from Christenson's BLUE CODE OF SILENCE Series: 


God's timing is always perfect. Jonas Grayweather is about to get a promotion––one that will change his life and those living around him, even the presumed dead––forever.