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Autographed Photo of Lisa Loucks Christenson & Dani

Autographed Photo of Lisa Loucks Christenson & Dani

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Lisa and Dani in the field on her bald eagle documentary.

Autographed Photo of Lisa Loucks Christenson & Dani -- a real Bow Wow Detective!

Dani was Lisa's real field dog who helped Lisa find endless adventures and ideas for the Bow Wow Detecties®! This autographed photo is sold loose, signed by Lisa Loucks Christenson the Creator of the Bow Wow Detectives®.


Dani Bernadette Von Smaragdhuegel

Breed: AKC German Shepherd

East Germany Champion Bloodlines

Characteristics: Fearless, determined, obedient, ever-patient.

Dani was Lisa's professionally trained guard dog (her brother still is). Dani accompanied Lisa in the field on her wildlife documentaries, protected her from wild animals encounters, and some very unexpected human-related experiences. 

Lisa says: Trust the dog who stands, immovable, at your side.

Born: 9/11/2004 

Died: 3/17/2017 

Did you know Dani's siblings from other liters were real working police dogs? 

Dani and her brother Dale are the stars of Case File 1, New Year's Eve Octopus Bank Heist. 


Purchase: One loose, 8x10 inches, glossy giclee print.


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