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Photo Traders™  | Derby | Bow Wow Detectives®

Photo Traders™ | Derby | Bow Wow Detectives®

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Title: Derby

Card: # 5 of 112

Series: Bow Wow Detectives®

Release: Summer 2018 

Featured Book: Case File (TBA) 

This card is undergoing changes to replace the old logo for the Bow Wow Detectives® and replace it with our new logo. We'll update this product page as soon as the new cards are available. 


Photo Traders™

We've released the first set back in 2009, and reissued them when we received our registered trademark for the Bow Wow Detectives®.  The Photo Traders were sold and given away to visitors to Lisa's galleries in Rochester, Minnesota and Stockholm, Wisconsin for four years promoting the series, and was the beginning of the Bow Wow Detectives® Bark Club, putting a card in hard to encourage reading. 

These Photo Traders feature images of Bow Wow Detectives® in Lisa Loucks Christenson's series. 

 You can buy individual cards, or save money and buy them in packs. 


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©2018 Lisa Kay Loucks-Christenson. There are underlying copyright interests in the various works of authorship associated with this trademark. These copyright and trademark interests may not be reproduced and redistributed, with or without alteration in whole or in part, unless prior written permission is provided by Lisa Kay Loucks-Christenson of PO BOX 9177, Rochester, MN 55903.


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